How I Save 100% Of My Income

Graham Stephan

Fri. Sep. 07, 2018 6:30pm

For the last several years, I’ve been able to save 100% of my income. I’ll break down how I’m able to do this and how this is even possible, and the steps you can take to do the same - enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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For those that have stuck around for awhile or watch my older videos, you know that I preach and practice a few basic things….cut back on your expenses and live frugally, save as much of that as you can, and invest what you save long term. Doing this consistently is what leads to financial independence. This is something I’ve pretty much done since I was 18…I was the weird type of person who just got WAY more enjoyment being able to save money than I ever got from spending it.

Because of this, I kept my spending to a minimum, regardless of how much money I made. I re-invested all of that, and after about 7 years, my investments were throwing off enough money to pay for all of my daily expenses, allowing me to save 100% of what I made elsewhere. My thinking is that I can keep my spending strictly at what the rental income generates…and each and every year, my lifestyle can get a bit better because I’ll re-invest everything I make from my “day job.”

For all of you watching, it’s really important to do a few things if you want to begin replicating this as well:

The first is to KNOW what you spend. Most people have no idea where their money goes…and it’s often those small $5-$10 daily charges that add up over time. So first thing is to track everything you make and everything you spend. I personally use and - both are amazing and work really well.

The second thing to do is to figure out what you can cut back. For instance, I don’t need cable TV…as long as I have an internet connection, I’ve got everything I need. I don’t need to got to Starbucks, I make my own iced coffee at home. I don’t run the AC or keep on electricity when I’m not home. I’ll wait to buy something until it’s on sale. It’s these little tiny things that consistently add up to large amounts over time.

Third…Once you’ve reduced what you don’t really need, now work to increase your income. Sometimes cutting back isn’t enough if you’re just not making enough money. If this is the case, the reality is that you’ll need to make more money, there’s no way around it.

Fourth….If you think you don’t have enough time to make more money, then you really need to audit how productive you are during the day. In most cases, you’re wasting time somewhere…

Fifth…you need to save and invest consistently. This isn’t meant to be something you do for a few months or a year and then stop. Ideally this is something you can do long term and turn into a lifestyle.

Sixth…don’t get trapped with lifestyle inflation. If you get a raise or make more money, SAVE THE DIFFERENCE. You can live exactly as you have been, except NOW you can accelerate your path to financial independence.

So with that said, that was how I was able to save 100% of my income for the last several years - and why I continue to pretty much save 100% of my income for the very long foreseeable future.

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