Stock Options Explained

The Plain Bagel

Fri. Aug. 31, 2018 3:58pm

Correction: At 4:20, the graph in the top left-hand corner is slightly off; for total return, the curve should not intercept at (30,0), but rather should be shifted slightly to the left so that the bend in the line occurs at (30,-2). Sorry for the blunder.

Option Pricing Factors:
- Underlying stock price (higher = higher call premium, lower put premium)
- Underlying stock price volatility [expected] (higher = higher option premium)
- Underlying stock dividends (higher = lower call premium, higher put premium)
- Option's strike price (higher = lower call premium, higher put premium)
- Time until expiration (longer = higher option premium)
- Interest rates (higher = higher call premium, lower put premium)

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