🔥 Giving Out 100+ FREE LAPTOPS to Teens in Foster Care & Underprivileged Youth! 💻 Not Mr. Beast!

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Sun. Jan. 23, 2022 2:00pm

Thanks to Laptops For Kids and the Arman Roy Foundation, more than 100+ @TechieYouth participants have been gifted a free laptop computer through the Techie Youth Foster Gifts program! Laptop recipients include current and former foster care teens as well as youth who are either underprivileged or classified by New York City as at-risk of becoming homeless or incarcerated.
Special thanks to talk-show host Rich Valdes and musician & entrepreneur Shawn Mims, AKA Mr. This is Why I'm Hot for helping Techie Youth bring hope and happiness to so many underprivileged youth with this initiative!

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