👯 HOW to be a LEAN STARTUP + WHY you want to be AGILE in ANY VENTURE! (San Francisco Crooked Street)

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Tue. Jul. 14, 2020 6:00pm

IMPORTANT: THIS VIDEO COULD SAVE YOU LOTS OF $MONEY$! In this video we discuss applying #Agile #Lean operations to any venture, product or service, physical or online, #startup or well-established. We will talk about the benefits that the Lean ideology yields, and how it can help you grow your venture while saving on capital expenditures. We cover concepts of #JIT Just-in-Time, #MVP Minimally Viable Product, "cheap-pays-double" aka. being cheap is not being lean, contingency planning, cost cutting, Six Sigma (6σ) methodology, Agile venture pivoting, "gold plating" features, minimizing excess inventory, calculating true daily operational costs and burn rate, scaling lean and many other facets of operating Lean!
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Filmed on the Crooked Street aka Lombard St. in San Francisco as well as the surrounding areas of the Russian Hill neighborhood in a Mercedes SLK convertible.
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