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Sat. Aug. 17, 2019 9:30am

Film & video editing commandments hereby passed to us through Vashi Nedomansky, ACE.

Vashi was one of many people at Adobe that helped Gone Girl happen. He specifically trained editorial team members in transitioning to Premiere Pro in preparation for post-production. Check out this video that gives you a Behind The Scenes on the workflow of the film:


Nedomansky's company VashiVisuals has provided post-production workflow, consulting services and Premiere Pro training for numerous projects including: Deadpool, Gone Girl, The Good Doctor and House of Cards. Vashi has also trained fellow ACE film editors in transitioning to Adobe Premiere Pro including: Kirk Baxter, Angus Wall, Billy Fox, Don and Dean Zimmerman, Julian Clarke, Nicolas De Toth, Jon Corn, John Venzon, Joan Sobel, Bruce Green and many more.

Vashi has edited 11 feature films including the global phenomenon "Sharknado 2", the comedy "An American Carol" for director David Zucker (Airplane, Scary Movie) and the PTSD documentary "That Which I Love Destroys Me" for director Ric Roman Waugh (Snitch, Felon). He also edited "6 Below", the first native 6K feature film in Hollywood history.

Vashi has collaborated on projects with: Jerry Bruckheimer, Michel Gondry, John Landis, Dennis Hopper, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. and Disney Studios.

Originally, he defected from Czechoslovakia as a child during the Cold War and grew up in Toronto and Detroit. Following his career as a professional hockey player, Vashi has been a film editor in Los Angeles since 2001.

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This Guy is Sven, an A.C.E. Award nominee who cut for James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and James Franco.


My absolute favorite Film Editing Book is...
"In the Blink of an Eye" by Walter Murch:

Find out about Walter Murch's theory on the relationship of eye blinking and editing:


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