💲💲💲 Techie Youth New Student Intro to Making $$$ with Tech

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Tue. Mar. 31, 2020 4:38pm

In this fun motivational video, new Techie Youth students will learn what to expect in the program and what they can look forward to as they venture into a future professional career within the tech-sector.

I was driving around Hollywood Hills and had a eureka moment, if I could mix the motivation style of Tai Lopez in his Here In My Garage in Hollywood Hills... video, with the financially-focused perspective of Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank) then I could potentially inspire our youth participants to become excited about venturing forth as career professionals in the technology sector.

The intent of this video is to encourage the grossly-underprivileged kids at Techie Youth to follow a positive life path, inspired to reach levels of greatness via working as a technology-professional, aiming to get them excited for tech in the same way that they aspire to play basketball after observing LeBron or Michael Jordan playing ball and then living exciting lifestyles.

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