Patents Explained - How to make money from a patent

Evan Carmichael

Sat. Apr. 12, 2014 8:00pm - SUPPORT ME :)

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"Hi Evan, recently discovered your You Tube, video's giving help to young entrepreneurs. Must say they hit the mark. I myself have developed a patent, It went through all the Patenting etc. The thing is though that to make my product work, I need to do a mass manufacture and hit the market as hard as possible, my product is not expensive, but to purchase/manufacture that many units is very expensive. And to only purchase low quantities would not be cost effective. What would you suggest is the best solution: Sell my patented product (With working samples and proven concepts) or try to get more investors or Try to franchise to reduce capital needed to start the business. I just want to know if I do sell, what would be the best approach sell it to an already existing company in the same industry?
Frans Jaco Willemse"

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