Startup Financial Model example: Slidebean (actual) earnings and expenses 📊


Thu. Jul. 18, 2019 4:28pm

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What is a Startup Financial Model and how does it work?

We are going to review the full financials of Slidebean for our most important year: the year when we raised our first $250,000, the year when we grew our subscriptions by 800%.

As much as we are open and transparent about many things, we can't release detailed financials for our current company stage- but 2015 was a while ago, so we are OK with you digging in through our numbers.

We'd like you to pay close attention to:
How a Startup financial model looks.
How a startup distributes its expenses.
How much money is required to get a company off the ground.
A reality check, on the struggles you will have to endure as you start your first company.
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