How to Become a Data Architect

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Tue. Dec. 17, 2019 11:00am

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How to Become a Data Architect? | We talk about an alternative way of getting into data science by becoming a data architect! More specifically, we’ll look at who the data architect is, what they do, how they fare in terms of salaries, and what skills and academic background you need to become one. Our free step by step guide will walk you through how to start a career in data science

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Who is the data architect exactly?

If you’ve seen the 1999 cult movie The Matrix, you probably recognize the Architect as the creator of the utopian world for human minds to inhabit. Much like their blockbuster counterpart, data architects create the database from scratch. They design the way data will be retrieved, processed, and consumed.

Data architects are technical experts who adapt dataflow management and data storage strategy to a wide range of businesses and solutions. They’re in charge of continually improving the way data is collected and stored. In addition, data architects control access to data. So, all you corporate spies out there – now you know who to look for.

Data architects are also responsible for design patterns, data modeling, service-oriented integration, and business intelligence domains. They often partner with fellow data scientists and IT guys to reach the company’s data strategy goals.

A data architect constantly seeks out innovations to provide improved data quality and reporting, eliminate redundancies, and provide better data collection sources, methods, and tools...

We'll talk about this and so much more in the video, so enjoy watching!

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